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Benefits of Membership

When you join ICC Malaysia, you automatically become a member of ICC. As a member of ICC, you will belong to an organisation representing businesses from ALL sectors all over the world. ICC Malaysia is the forum where internationally active members of the business community, legal experts and policy leaders meet.

  • ICC Malaysia represents ICC, the world business organisation, in Malaysia and thus foster participation of Malaysian companies, organisations and individuals in the general activities of ICC.
  • Participate in the work of ICC’s commissions and special working groups. Commissions comprised business experts who regularly meet to scrutinise proposed international and government initiatives affecting their subject areas.

    Members can join ICC Commissions – a total of 13, namely:
    • Arbitration and ADR
    • Banking 
    • Commercial Law & Practice
    • Corporate Responsibility and Anti-Corruption
    • Competition
    • Customs & Trade Facilitation
    • Digital Economy 
    • Group on Economic Policy
    • Environment & Energy  
    • Intellectual Property
    • Marketing & Advertising
    • Taxation
    • Trade & Investment Policy
  • Access to business-critical information on international policy and regulatory issues. Information to be gained include summary records of commission meetings, fact sheets summarising particular subject, statements, materials circulated for comments (draft rules, codes, recommendations to governments, etc.).
  • Preferential rates in the participation of seminars organised by ICC Malaysia and ICC International, as well as purchase of ICC publications and bulletins (e.g. Documentary Credits Insight, Arbitration Bulletin).
  • Distinct advantage from practical tips given by ICC experts from all fields of international trade. ICC’s programme of conferences and seminars is an essential channel for passing on ICC’s expertise to a wider audience. ICC experts travel to many parts of the world to stage seminars and courses on subjects in which ICC has unique expertise. These include Incoterms, the UCP500 and ICC Arbitration.
  • Connections to business matching registry into World Chambers Federation (WCF) GBX business opportunities services. WCF is the focal point and communication network for chambers of commerce around the world. WCF GBX Business Opportunity Service provides on-line global business and trade leads database.
  • Training and Continuous Professional Development - Access to full range of ICC seminars, conferences, workshops and training at preferential rates which are held not only in Paris, but also in the Asia Pacific region. ICC Institute of World Business Law runs courses and seminars for legal practitioners and company executives on subjects ranging from investment protection and negotiation of contracts to international arbitration.
  • Advancing the global economy
    • ICC is the voice of the world business – championing the global economy as a force for economic growth, job creation and prosperity.
    • Because national economies are now so closely interwoven, government decisions have far stronger international repercussions that in the past.
    • ICC activities cover a broad spectrum, from arbitration and dispute resolution to making the case for open trade and the market economy system, business self-regulation, fighting corruption or combating commercial crime.
    • ICC has direct access to national governments all over the world through its national committees. The organisation’s Paris-based international secretariat feeds business views into intergovernmental organisations on issues that directly affect business operations.
  • Setting Rules and Standards
    A major ICC asset as the advocate of business is its record as rule maker and standard setter.
    • Arbitration under the rules of the ICC International Court of Arbitration is on the increase. Since 1999, the Court has received new cases at a rate of more than 500 a year.
    • ICC’s Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP 500) are the rules that banks apply to finance billions of dollars worth of world trade every year.
    • ICC Incoterms are standard international trade definitions used every day in countless thousands of contracts.
    • ICC model contracts make life easier for small companies that cannot afford big legal departments.
    • ICC is a pioneer in business self-regulation of e-commerce.
    • ICC codes on advertising and marketing are frequently reflected in national legislation and the odes of professional associations.
  • Promoting growth and prosperity
    • ICC supports government efforts to make a success of the Doha trade round.
    • ICC provides world business recommendations to the World Trade Organisation.
    • ICC speaks for world business when governments take up issues such as intellectual property rights, transport policy, trade law or the environment.
    • Signed articles by ICC leaders in major newspapers and radio and TV interviews reinforce the ICC stance on trade, investment and other business topics.
    • Every year, the ICC Presidency meets with the leader of the G8 host country to provide business input to the summit.
    • ICC is the main business partner of the United Nations and its agencies.
  • Spreading Business Expertise
    • At UN summits on sustainable development, financing for development and the information society,
    • ICC spearheads the business contribution.
    • Together with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), ICC helps some of the world’s poorest countries to attract foreign direct investment.
    • In partnership with UNCTAD, ICC has set up an Investment Advisory Council for the least-developed countries.
    • ICC mobilises business support for the New Partnership for Africa’s Development.
    • At ICC World Congresses every two years, business executives tackle the most urgent international economic issues.
    • The World Chambers Congress, also biennial, provides a global forum for chambers of commerce.
    • Regular ICC regional conferences focus on the concerns of business in Africa, Asia, the Arab World and Middle East and Latin America.
  • Advocate for international business
    • ICC speaks for world business whenever governments make decisions that crucially affect corporate strategies and the bottom line.
    • ICC’s advocacy has never been more relevant to the interest of thousands of member companies and business associations in every part of the world.
    • Equally vital is ICC’s role in forging internationally agreed rules and standards that companies adopt voluntarily and can be incorporated in binding contracts.
    • ICC provides business input to the United Nations, the World Trade Organisation, and many other intergovernmental bodies, both international and regional.

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