ICC – In a nutshell

  • International business co-operation organisation since 1919.
  • International Secretariat in Paris. National offices in 90 countries, including Malaysia.
  • Companies from all sectors, from production to retail, distribution and services are involved
  • Affects: Functioning of an international regulatory environment for businesses
  • Serves: Businesses with tools for the everyday challenges of international trade
  • Networking: A global network of business collaboration and advocacy

ICC Malaysia – As part of a global business network

  • Joined the global network of ICC in 2003.
  • A natural channel to participate in global business partnerships and benefit from linkages between members, regionally and globally from some 140 countries
  • An effective channel to follow developments in international trade
  • ICC Malaysia is legally and financially independent. On 30 January 2019, incorporated under the Companies Act 2016 as a company limited by guarantee.
  • ICC Malaysia members comprised companies involved in international trade business activities as well as industry/business organisations in Malaysia.

ICC Malaysia aims to:

  • Influence: appoint Malaysian experts to the ICC commissions and convey the views of Malaysian business to ICC International in the form of opinions and initiatives.
  • Communicate: bring the ICC’s statements, declarations, recommendations, guidelines and regulations to the attention of the Malaysian authorities and industry and organise events to raise awareness of the ICC’s objectives.
  • Serve: Provide publishing, advisory and training services to its members related to international commerce.