Benefits of Membership

When you join ICC Malaysia, you automatically become a member of ICC. As a member of ICC, you will belong to an organisation representing businesses from ALL sectors all over the world. ICC Malaysia is the forum where internationally active members of the business community, legal experts and policy leaders meet.

Become a Member of ICC World Business Organization
You will automatically be a part of ICC, the world’s largest business organisation, whose members include some of the most influential and dynamic companies, as well as leading experts in international trade and dispute resolution.

Be involved in ICC’s works in rule and standard setter.
A major ICC asset as the advocate of business is its record as rule maker and standard setter. You can be involved in reviewing and drafting of new/updated rules.
• Arbitration under the rules of the ICC International Court of Arbitration is on the increase. Since 1999, the Court has received new cases at a rate of more than 500 a year.
• ICC’s Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP 600) are the rules that banks apply to finance billions of dollars worth of world trade every year.
• ICC Incoterms are standard international trade definitions used every day in countless thousands of contracts.
• ICC model contracts make life easier for small companies that cannot afford big legal departments.
• ICC is a pioneer in business self-regulation of e-commerce.
• ICC codes on advertising and marketing are frequently reflected in national legislation and the codes of professional associations.

Access to business-critical information on international policy and regulatory issues.
You will have access to Information such as summary records of commission meetings, fact sheets summarising particular subject, statements, materials circulated for comments (draft rules, codes, recommendations to governments, etc.).

Get Updates on International Rules & Issues, ICC Publications & Events
You will stay informed not only on new developments and latest updates on international rules and issues on Trade Finance, Arbitration, etc., but also on ICC Opinions, books, events, surveys, and more.

. Network in Global Business
As an organisation that focuses on international trade, ICC executes events regarded as the benchmark for international trade activities. ICC members will have exclusive access to ICC and partners’ events such as UN, WTO, G-20, LIBF, SWIFT and ICC-CEO Forum among others.

Get Preferential Price for ICC Publications, Trainings, Seminars & Workshops
You build skills and extend your network by receiving a member’s special price on exclusive ICC events in international trade, banking, and dispute resolution, and ICC Publications covering vital areas for international business such as arbitration, trade finance, commercial contracts and anti-corruption.

Participate in the work of ICC’s commissions and special working groups.
You can join ICC Commissions which comprise business experts who regularly meet to scrutinise proposed international and government initiatives affecting their subject areas. The ICC Commissions – a total of 12, namely:
• Arbitration and ADR
• Banking
• Commercial Law & Practice
• Corporate Responsibility & Anti-Corruption
• Competition
• Customs & Trade Facilitation
• Digital Economy
• Environment & Energy
• Marketing & Advertising
• Intellectual Property
• Taxation
• Trade & Investment Policy

Receive the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin worth €180/ year
You receive a complimentary subscription to the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin, featuring commentary, extracts and analysis of case decisions, updates and guidance on ICC dispute resolution processes, book reviews, and more. The editorial board for the Bulletin is comprised of 20 arbitration and dispute resolution specialists from all parts of the world