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In an increasingly tumultuous trade environment where access to justice and the rule of law are key to ensuring business continuity, ICC Dispute Resolution Services facilitate the resolution of commercial disputes with unmatched levels of service.

ICC DRS offers a range of services to promote the continuity of global trade by helping commercial parties avoid, manage and resolve their disputes efficiently.
Dispute Resolution Services, including ICC Arbitration and dispute avoidance tools, ensure that when disputes arise, they are resolved quickly and efficiently. This allows parties to focus on their core business priorities with complete peace of mind, thanks to cost and process transparency, security and confidentiality.


How DRS works

To resolve disputes effectively and efficiently, businesses need a fair process and equal access to justice. Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms give parties fast, predictable, cost effective and efficient access to justice which is why businesses include arbitration and ADR clauses in their commercial contracts.

ICC DRS offers a wide choice of customisable services for every stage of a dispute, from the services offered by the ICC International Centre for ADR (mediation, experts, dispute boards and DOCDEX) to ICC Arbitration, delivered by the most trusted institution worldwide: the ICC International Court of Arbitration. ICC’s range of administered procedures can be used separately, successively or even concurrently as an alternative to litigation for resolving domestic and international disputes.

ICC Arbitration is a process guided by the ICC Rules of Arbitration. ICC’s globally accessible and completely neutral services are available to anyone, from individuals and private sector enterprises to states and state entities. Anyone can benefit from ICC Arbitration’s flexibility and effectiveness. The only requirement for a party to be able to benefit from ICC Arbitration is to consent to its use in a contract, treaty or separate arbitration agreement. This is usually provided for before a dispute arises, but may also occur after the dispute has taken place.


The International Court of Arbitration is the world’s leading arbitral institution

Since 1923, ICC has been helping to resolve disputes in international commercial and investment disputes. Unrivalled in experience and expertise, the ICC Court and its Secretariat are always ready to assist parties and arbitral tribunals in all matters related to arbitration and strive to ensure ICC awards are enforceable.

The Court’s Secretariat, with over 100 lawyers and support staff, operates in Paris, Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Sao Paolo, and Abu Dhabi administers cases in any chosen language. The ICC continuously seeks to improve efficiency, control time and costs, and aid enforcement by introducing new innovative arbitration tools and procedures. This continuous development ensures that ICC is in touch with the concerns and interests of trading partners throughout the world.


ICC Malaysia Arbitration Committee

ICC Malaysia has an Arbitration Committee, aims to promote arbitration aspects or sectors where arbitration is used, and discuss how new practices, policies and legislative developments affect international arbitration and other dispute resolution services. The ICC Malaysia Arbitration Committee consists of all corporate, law firm and organisational members of ICC Malaysia who are interested in learning about and becoming more involved in ICC’s dispute resolution services in Malaysia.

Working with ICC HQ, the ICC Malaysia Arbitration Committee help organise conferences, seminars and corporate roundtables to educate the public about ICC’s different dispute resolution services and mechanisms.

Below are the ICC Malaysia Arbitration Committee leaders as of July 2023

Tan Sri Dato’ Cecil W M Abraham (Chairman)
Cecil Abraham & Partners

Nahendran Navaratnam (Vice Chairman)
Navaratnam Chambers


How To Join

To become a member of the ICC Malaysia Arbitration Committee, you must be a member of ICC Malaysia. To find out if your corporation, firm or organisation is already a member or for information about becoming a member, please contact the ICC Malaysia Secretariat at iccm@iccmalaysia.org.my.


ICC Malaysia Arbitration Nomination Committee

ICC Malaysia may be requested by the ICC International Court of Arbitration® (“ICC Court”) or the ICC International Centre for ADR (ICC Centre) to propose Malaysian nationals with the required qualifications to serve in each case. ICC Malaysia may also propose non-nationals residing in Malaysia. This process is administered by the ICC Malaysia Arbitration Nomination Committee, which interacts with the Secretariat of the ICC Court to enhance the appointment process. The ICC Malaysia Nomination Committee comprises the Chairman of ICC Malaysia, Chair of ICC Malaysia Arbitration Committee and ICC Malaysia Court Member.

If you are an arbitrator and would like to be considered for an ICC Arbitration, or have any questions about the process please contact the ICC Malaysia Nomination committee at iccm@iccmalaysia.org.my


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