FREE: Measure Your Impact on the Environment with SME360X

Why Measure Impact on Nature?

Every small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) has an impact – both positive and negative – on nature and the environment. Measuring that impact enables SMEs to:

  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Manage business risk
  • Grow their business brand
  • Enhance access to capital and affordable insurance
  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs

This is where SME360X can help.

What is SME360X?

SME360X is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform co-created by ICC and GIST that measures the impacts of business operations on the environment.

There are many external risks that threaten the survival of businesses everywhere. A company’s factory location that was relatively risk-free when it was set up decades ago could now be facing extreme risks from stressed water resources and severe shifts in weather patterns. A ban on single use plastics could threaten the survival of a company. Community protests could lead to the shutdown of an industrial operation.

SME360X will help its users identify the environmental risks that are most material to their business.

SME360X enables users to:

  • Measure, economically value and manage business impacts on nature and the environment.
  • Compare environmental performance with regional and sectoral peers and competitors.
  • Receive a single, understandable environmental impact score (PIE Score).
  • Decide which improvement and abatement initiatives are most impactful.
  • Easily and affordably report on sustainability performance.
  • Obtain a Global Sustainability Certification from ICC.
  • Data belongs to you: highest level of security ensured using blockchain storage.

Who can use SME360X?

  1. SMEs to evaluate the environmental impact of their business activities. SMEs using SME360X can:
    • make informed decisions, manage risks, communicate powerfully about impacts, and increase business value.
    • open up access to certain value chains.
    • improve access to capital and reduce the cost of capital.
  2. Chambers of Commerce and Industry Associations can encourage their members to use the platform, giving them the advantage of being first movers in this space.
  3. Banks and Private Equity Investors can integrate the platform into their due diligence process which will:
    • add to their data gathering processes.
    • allocate environmental impact scores (PIE Scores) to companies in their loan or investment portfolios.
    • enable meaningful comparisons within and across sectors.
  4. Supply Chain Leaders can integrate the platform into their vendor registration processes which will:
    • add to their data gathering processes.
    • level the playing field by allocating environmental impact scores (PIE Scores) to companies in their supply chains.

Benefits of Registration

Pre-registration for SME360X will give you the opportunity to trial the tool and provide us with feedback so we can cater to your needs better. You will also be able to attend workshops and learning sessions centered around environmental impact assessment and valuation.

You can now try the system for FREE (valid till November 30, 2021). Click here to register.

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